The Bone Pile

This page groups poems thematically and links to each piece by title. Feel free to share, link, remix or otherwise engage with the poetry. If something resonates, please share this blog with a friend!

Josephine St. Vincent, The Poet Obscura


This Frabjous Day

Monday Morning

This Poem is a Dog Fight

Reading Tragedy


Little Wonder

Capture Me Turning

Concerning the Summer Sky in Texas (also: Pyro Remix)

It Was Night, and We Were on The Top Foor of The Parking Garage

Degrees of Honey

On the Night of a Party I Declined to Attend

Bankrupt Witchcraft

For You, Golden One

I Fed Compassion to a Crow


Sister Riptide

Lacking an Orbit

Under the Light, the Greatest Darkness

A Little Undomesticated

Grass is Greener

Conversation with a Friend Immured by Obscurity

Devotions Negativa

Book of Crow

I Crow Choral

II Calling Crow

III Recognizing Crow

IV Wards against Crow (Ineffectual)

V Crow Visitation

VI Crow in Poetry

VII Compassion of Crow

VIII Crow Action/Reaction

IX Joining Crow

Coin-Operated Fish

Salt Mine

Ozymandias of the Office

A Lesson in Mourning

I Sated the Void

Image Attributions

Bone Pile Image Courtesy of Alex Borland

Header Image Courtesy of Dawn Hudson