Need practice scanning poems?

ForBetterForVerse“What’s For Better for Verse for? It’s an interactive on-line tutorial that can train you to scan traditionally metered English poetry.” That is how the site, created and hosted by the English Department of the University of Virginia, introduces itself. What they don’t tell you is how much fun it is to use this easy to learn, highly-responsive tutorial. This is the kind of gem that makes me want to cheer; not only is it good for aspiring poets, it is also a delicious adaptation of software technology to elucidate a liberal arts field of study.

If you are a new poet, please spend some time on For Better for Verse. You owe it to your art, and to your readers.

If you are an experienced poet, For Better For Verse is a total blast. It’s said that nothing feels quite so good as already knowing the answer. Go, now, see if it’s true!

-Josephine St. Vincent