11287244 - bathroom


If a poet dreams your bathtub is going to fall through the floor,

you should believe her.



This holds true especially if you are the poet.

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3 thoughts on “Clawfoot

  1. My own bathtub fell through the floor once, and I was in it, naked as the day I was born, clinging to its sides and spinning around in the sky. As I fell through the clouds, I unfortunately lost hold of my rubber ducky and it zipped upward, squeaking behind; but I remembered in my other hand I was clutching a bubble-blower, and I blew a giant bubble, which turned into a hot-air balloon. The bathtub turned into a wicker basket, and I floated to the ground. It was amazing when white bunny rabbits hopped out from bushes toward me, twitching their fluffy tails, believing I had their easter eggs.


      1. What about da’ Crow for company? Crow with feathers like midnight I take to be of mystic power, though granted looming on the dark side, moon in its belly, and after visitations of mere mortals, flying for rest to where the Trickster has his house.


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