Freight: Day 11


Weightless, freightless duckling! Would that life were this simple.


2 thoughts on “Freight: Day 11

  1. I smiled when I first saw this photo. Cute duckie. I think it’s possible, practicing a kind of zen, approaching things in simplicity, for stretches to go weightless, freightless. Of course it’s not possible all the time. We’re no longer children.

    But for sure, we must unlearn so much, throwing off the burden of so-called knowledge, the learned lumber, to see with fresh eyes again, and to give ourselves to the freedom of expressing it.

    I wonder to what extent we choose bondage, we choose shackles or a ball and chain, we choose to build walls around ourselves, keeping out what might hurt us, but also caging ourselves in, and though we don’t intend to do so, slowly but surely suffocating ourselves. It strikes me how vulnerable this little duckie is. So soft in appearance, it wears no armor, hides behind no wall, is exposed and out in the open. It could be the meal of a predator any moment. I think this is how much beauty exists in the world.


    1. I’ve used this photo at work, and it made everyone smile. It seems people enjoy being reminded that not every moment has to be dragged under by the weight of all our baggage, chains, walls. Not everyone expresses it that way, or even realizes it. The trick is to be able to see both sides as valid parts of the whole: the vulnerability it takes to be weightless/freightless, as well as the dangerous reality of the predators, both internal and external.


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