Freight: Day 9

STRENGTH – XI (Golden Tarot)

In college, I feared math. I was under time pressure, always taking an overloaded course load, to frantic to sat quietly with math. I am able now (finally) to be the woman sitting patiently with the lion. Infinite attention, quiet, and patience are STRENGTH. The joy of truly understanding what I only learned to mimic is immense. I acknowledge it does not save the world. It might just be saving me, though.


2 thoughts on “Freight: Day 9

  1. Absolutely love this tarot card image. Gorgeous art.

    This post makes me think of each freight car, clickity-clacking by, “Choo Choo!” in the distance, a stream of smoke trailing off overhead, as signifying particular tarot cards in the deck, or at least what you’ve started here points in that direction.

    “Overloaded course load” is somewhat awkward wording.

    Isn’t there a typo here? You wrote: “to frantic to sat quietly with math.” It seems it should be: “too frantic to sit quietly with math.”


    1. The Golden Tarot by Kat Black is my favorite deck. It is gorgeous, glowing. There’s more than a little poetic inspiration to be had there.

      I thought about fixing the phrasing and typo, but I think I’ll let them stand. My goal, personal and selfish though it may be, is to be spontaneous. My poetry will always be polished, but the posts are not artistic artifacts, just a flawed human reaching out to the world.


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