Freight: Day 4


Life is an incontrovertible good. This is the first mistake. More and more, I’m convinced that human consciousness is a genetic aberration, a chronic and terminal disease. Most people who think this deeply or for long kill themselves.


6 thoughts on “Freight: Day 4

  1. Not a new thought. I’m a dog and have picked up the scent. See Peter Wessel Zapffe’s The Last Messiah. Learned of this through Ligotti’s The Conspiracy Against the Human Race.

    Anyway, expressing yourself that way, you’re sure to scare the majority away, and reduce a minority to bemused silence. Maybe that’s your intention. Then there are individuals like myself who can appreciate the absurd tragicomedy. I’m fascinated by that view too, though truly it’s a difficult thought to get near and express without seeming merely to be a morbid provocateur.


    1. Not original at all, but how nice you recognized the source! I am only about a third of the way through Conspiracy; I have to read it in very small portions. I had somehow failed to encounter Ligotti, et. al until just last year, and I’m still trying to understand how (or if) this philosophy alters my long-term worldview.

      I make no presumption about how any potential readers will react. That is between them and the words.


  2. Oops – I hit copy and pasted, it didn’t take, so I did it again, and voila. Inadvertent multiplication. There’s my bad math for you (ha ha). Please do go in and edit this for me, cutting out and leaving only one.


      1. Thanks for cleaning that up! I was trying to post my comment on a little handheld device, the WordPress window as narrow as an eye-slit. When I didn’t see my words copied and pasted, and didn’t bother to scroll to see them there, I copy and pasted again, and again, then again, like a moth bouncing off a pane of glass through which glows a lightbulb. I laugh at the irony of considering consciousness as a genetic aberration or a chronic and terminal disease and, though so minor as to be insignificant, my compounded mistake or error. There’s proof for ‘ya. (Ha ha)


      2. WordPress on my Android is a special kind of hell. I initially thought your repetition was a meta comment on the nature of repeating unoriginal thoughts. Then I saw your explanation, and chuckled.


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