Freight: Day 2


I feel the need to do something, but I cannot figure out what individual action I can take that will effect any change. As a seeker and intellectual, I do not consider myself to be political. I realize that the freedom to be apolitical can only come when there is an innate sense of security and generalized (although never perfect) trust in the government. It is a bit like getting very sick, and realizing that the health you feel most days is not promised or required by a universe that is anything other than considerate.


2 thoughts on “Freight: Day 2

  1. “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Absolutely love how you keep your writing in digestible portions.

    Grand gargoyle. Gotta love that gargoyle. Deformity is push and pull transition of matter stuck between the general and the particular, the ideal and the real, the divine and the infernal, struggling for manifestation, pulled in all directions and fucked up by its confusion, and ending like a hardened secretion. There are certain kinds of “coming out wrong” which are admirable and make one chuckle, warming the cockles of one’s heart.

    I imagine the tongue of a gargoyle like the cork removed from a big barrel and its speech wine flowing from the bunghole. “It looks like gruel, brown and syrupy, but this shit tastes divine.”

    A toast to Archimedes! By his horn absorbing lies and growing like the nose of Pinocchio as his body dissolves into bubbles, he makes a valiant effort but fails to move the whole world.


    1. The “Freight” posts were originally all one long(ish), discordant post, but I thought each bit standing alone had stronger artistic impact. Thanks for letting me know it resonates.

      I agree, gargoyles are fantastic.


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