Eureka, I’m Tickled Pink

Grocery shopping is sometimes surprising. Sometimes, you see your dentist, and choose to hide behind an end cap rather than say hello because, yes, you are a thirty-nine year old woman who is holding a bag of GIANT marshmallows, not some teeth-healthy, crunchy veggies (those were in the cart, I swear!). Other times, you find the most amazing pink unicorn/rubber ducky hybrid, amazingly melded with soap!

Allow me to introduce Archimedes, the Duckicorn …

Mamma Says What?




3 thoughts on “Eureka, I’m Tickled Pink

  1. I’d hate to see you disappear too far into mathematics, Josephine (or whatever your name is). You’re a wonderful writer who leaves distinct impressions, having a voice all your own. Your writing is full of imagination and character. Your last post with the striking hawk-in-the-rain riddle delighted me, though I couldn’t completely follow you. I myself don’t have a mathematical mind at all. I get lost in simple computations. It’s embarrassing. I definitely have more of an intuitive mind than a strictly logical one.

    The ducky hybrid is indeed amusing. You should blow up a tinted condom and tie to it a string of fingernail polish painted ping-pong balls to keep Archimedes the Duckicorn company in the suds.


    1. I don’t completely follow me, either. I found poetry an ideal form for me to try and understand myself, since poetry is also a shifting, boundless entity. As far as my name, at last count, I have gone by eight. If you prefer to call me Josephine, please do. Also: I believe only you can manage to think up a ribald comment regarding Archimedes!


      1. Call me a bubble-burping cannibal. That mama washed my mouth out with soap never worked with me. She finally gave up and started to include it in my diet. “What a monster!” she exclaimed, throwing her hands up in the air. To me Archimedes looks delicious, like a prehistoric ancestor of the candy corn family. Good thing it’s only a photo and not actually in front of me. I might start by nibbling off the horn.


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