Book of Crow Chapbooks
Book of Crow Chapbooks

I love to hold poetry in my hands. I like the feel of paper, the authority of card stock, the surprise of waxed red thread binding the narrow spine of a chapbook.  I wanted to hold Book of Crow like this, to turn the physical pages.

In creating a chapbook I learned several things. First, that my printer is very awkward for printing four pages on one sheet; I need to print each sheet individually, flip it over and reinsert it to print on the back of the sheet.  I also learned how to wax thread and how to bind the pages with a simple stitch, and that I am no good at cutting perfect rectangles. Stamp ink bleeds through paper;  it is tedious to use Microsoft Word to layout four pages per sheet;  it is enjoyable to shop for paper.

Book of Crow Title Page
Book of Crow Title Page

I made two copies of Book of Crow. I intend to make more, both of Book of Crow and other collections. My distribution will be on a whim; send them to people, place them in the myriad Little Libraries I find in my wanderings, leave them in coffee shops. These first two copies, I’m going to send to friends. I don’t know when I will make more, but if you want to get a surprise in the mail someday, send me your address at poetobscura AT gmail DOT com, and I’ll send you a chapbook from my next batch.

Book of Crow Author's Note
Book of Crow Author’s Note



2 thoughts on “Chapbooks

  1. Making chapbooks looks like fun, despite all the problems – and you end up with something unique and very special, rather than mass-produced. I’d quite like to get a little surprise in the post one day, but then again, that would involve paying postage to Italy, which I think would be quite expensive – so I’ll settle for the electronic version for the time being. Perhaps one day we’ll meet in person and resolve that problem!


    1. I like to hold the poetry and see it on the page. It’s difficult to get spacing the way I want it in a blog post; the poems seem to be more themselves on paper. When I have a few chapbooks completed, of different collections of poems, I’d be happy to arrange for postage to Italy. It would be an honor to know that you have seen the poems in their true form.


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