Ozymandias of the Office

Ozymandias of the Office

I scale the King’s wrinkled lip
His half-sunk sneer just fits my crooked back
Day by day, we tender the desert’s high tide
Spill upon spill
                                           with sand fleas

day job/ missile silo/ sacred reliquary
The mourners lost the torso and the tongue
between His kingdom and today

stone nose/bald stone eyes/kneeless stone legs
Five radioactive canopic jars
These are my desk and my desk is an altar
Spill upon spill
                                      with sacrifice

I use the King’s amputated legs to thwak!
harvest-heavy trunks of traded hours

tumble        shake loose        but quiet, quiet

Colossus and I decay

Spill upon spill


July, 2016

Image Courtesy of Rajesh Misra

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2 thoughts on “Ozymandias of the Office

  1. All at once powerful and beautiful and humorous. It’s a wonder that you can combine the three, all fused and wrought (or I should say with twisted smile “all fused and rot”). It’s clear you think hard on your words. Really remarkable poem, Josephine. I love it. No doubt the wickedly fun, mischievous Crow is here again, making its appearance known with “thwak!”


    1. I do take care with the words. I joke that a poet is someone who takes three hours to write one sentence, only to delete all but the last word. I like your phrase “all fused and rot” – it’s got the spark of a poem to it!

      And good for you, to spot Crow!


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