Grass is Greener

Grass is Greener

Saint Augustine’s unkillable vines –
tougher than drought
tougher than neglect

tougher than me

skirt up
in a one-night stand
with my own husband.

June, 2016

Featured Image by George Hodan

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3 thoughts on “Grass is Greener

  1. Well, as you might know, Josephine, Augustine did write that we are born between urine and feces. Very thought-provoking lines. “unkillable vines” is both awful and awesome. Strange that a bridesmaid of Jesus, devoted to him, could have an affair with her own husband, but I suppose to that high and stringent and probably impossible spirituality that it would be considered so, and yet it wouldn’t be considered adultery.

    It makes me scratch my head. This verse of yours is like a conundrum and has in its minimalism and hardness something stoical, and a bit of humor too. I must admit you make me laugh. I’m a strange fellow, riding other wavelengths, and you write poems for strange people, so whaddya gonna do, heh? “Skirt up” has in its spirit something like mooning someone. If the Lord is the Sun, here you go, Big Guy, now we have a solar eclipse. A gesture of poking fun and delighting in pranks, and this one verges on the blasphemous. But somehow you have anticipated that, and have caught within the self-same phrasing something of the spirit of “Pants down!”, like someone is about to receive some wacks of a paddle for misbehaving.

    I hope you write more of these, Josephine. It’s fun trying to decipher them.


      1. This poem also suggests the threat of sexual energy to the rigorously self-denying and self-mortifying spiritual world created out of the puritanical and chaste. Very rich area to explore!


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