Reading Tragedy

Reading Tragedy

Summer prose crated in hope?
      Champagne-aired sinner.

Seething, forced poems?
      Factory-stacked dreams.

Death coming from good health?
      Puritan luxuries, like meals.

May, 2016

This is an erasure poem based on pages 308 and 309 of the 1975, First Edition of Letters Home, by Sylvia Plath (ed. Aurelia Schober Plath). I cobbled together phrases from portions of three separate letters written by Sylvia Plath, took the liberty of rearranging my sections, and added punctuation. Despite this, I think the Sylvia’s spirit remains strong.

I’ll admit to having no idea what this means, but it feels true.

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4 thoughts on “Reading Tragedy

    1. Ooh, I like that: extraction poem. Thank you for visiting, PF. May I call you PF, or is there something else you prefer?

      PS Sorry for updating this comment so many times, I hope I have not been spamming you! I did what I’ve been trying not to do, and mixed up my accounts. Anonymity is hard on a mobile phone, lol. All well. I do hope you are having a lovely day!


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