Conversation with a Friend Immured by Obscurity

Image courtesy of Tammy Sue.
Image courtesy of Tammy Sue.

Now vexed soul uncoils,
and taproot supplants wishbone.
Gargoyle! Be brazen in defeat.

Exalt this place of stone?

Exalt this place! For stone,
renounce your puny name.
Let go of hopes, those brutish
tongues that lap at fame.

A song of Theremin anguish
cries out –

– In false farewell,
for patience erodes angels
to lumps anon in parallel.

Breath grieves!

Graves are the sigil
of days, their bright since spent.
Make honey of your strife,
and secret your lament –

Anchorite, you are the truth of life!

March, 2016

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